Joe Dancer Park

McMinnville is a vibrant city with a focus on supporting local businesses and artists. The wine industry is prominent, and the town also has a strong culture and community spirit.

The town has a beautiful park system, including the 100-acre Joe Dancer Park. This park has sports fields and is a great place to relax. This is a fantastic article to read.


McMinnville has a rich culture and a strong sense of community that make it an inviting place to live. The city is home to a thriving wine industry and a lively downtown area. It also offers a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities.

Joe Dancer Park is a great resource for the community with several sports fields and a huge playground. It can get very crowded during soccer season and when the weather is warm. There are a few parking lots at the park but most of them are closed in winter. You can park at Kiwanis Marine Park nearby.

McMinnville has an extensive park system, including the popular 100-acre Joe Dancer Park. It features sports fields, walking trails, and wetland habitats. The city also has a number of shops, restaurants, and galleries that showcase local artists and craftspeople. It also has a growing school district and two institutions of higher education, Chemeketa Community College and Linfield University.


A dozen baseball/softball and soccer fields are nestled in the 100-acre Joe Dancer Park along with hard surface pathways, soft forested trails, and wetland habitats. A skate park and playground equipment round out the recreational amenities of this popular community park, located just off the South Yamhill River near McMinnville.

McMinnville has an active school district and two institutions of higher learning — Chemeketa Community College and Linfield University. The city’s main thoroughfares are Highway 99W, Adams and Baker Streets, which form a north-south couplet through the center of town; and Lafayette Avenue and Booth Bend Road which connect downtown with industrial and western residential areas.

A 10-minute ride from Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum brings you to the McMenamins Hotel Oregon, which offers 18 comfortable rooms within walking distance of the immense indoor Wings and Waves waterpark. The unique accommodation is also within a convenient drive of the Memorial to Yamhill County Soldiers of World War II. Discover more exciting places here.


McMinnville is a bustling city with a strong economy. A diverse mix of businesses and industries contribute to the area’s growth, with a particular emphasis on wine production. This thriving local industry has garnered international recognition and support. Other key sectors include manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

Located along the South Yamhill River, the city is home to a number of parks and trails for visitors to enjoy. Joe Dancer Park is a popular destination with a variety of recreational activities and natural areas. The 100-acre park includes a sports field complex with more than a dozen baseball/softball and soccer fields, as well as hard surface pathways, soft forested trails, and a wetland for wildlife viewing.

For those interested in exploring the local culture, there are numerous galleries, boutiques, and restaurants in downtown McMinnville. The city’s residents have a strong commitment to supporting local businesses and artists. In addition, a range of annual events—including the UFO Festival and Turkey Rama—celebrate the community’s heritage and culture.


McMinnville is a small town surrounded by vineyards and farmland, yet still has great restaurants, shopping, the Evergreen Aviation Museum, and parks. A quick drive takes you to Salem and Portland.

Residents and visitors enjoy the outdoor facilities at Joe Dancer Park, a sprawling 100-acre complex along the Yamhill River featuring sports fields and trails. There is also a skate park – watching the local shredders is fun for the entire family.

Other parks include Wortman Park, which has a disc golf course and more than 2 miles of paved pathways; and Thompson Park, a neighborhood park where you can pitch horseshoes or play with the kids.

There’s also the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, featuring an SR-71 Blackbird, Titan II SLV Missile, and other historic aircraft as well as an IMAX class digital 3D theater and Wings & Waves indoor waterpark (which includes a wave pool with four slides emerging from the roof of a 747 airplane). The Portland & Western Railroad maintains a depot in downtown McMinnville, a remnant of the city’s Red Electric interurban passenger service. Continue reading about Wortman Park.

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